Like a Virgin.

I’ve no idea why I haven’t been writing ever since I’ve started working. I’ve had countless blogs and none of which I’ve stuck to. Perhaps it’s because I have this imperfect perfectionist mindset – of which I read back at my old posts and blogs and find it’s contents obnoxiously repulsive. I’ve no idea why it causes me such great discomfort. Maybe just the fact that it was me which posted all of its ex-contents was enough to make me cringe.

Maybe everything changed too fast, or maybe it’s because I’ve an addiction to change. I have this deep phobia of things getting too comfortable. Maybe it’s just a syndrome evolved from Athazagoraphobia, which may be inevitable when people neglect things which they take as norms.

Well whatever it is, I’ve started this blog to write about my thoughts because they usually take me so, so so so much further than I thought it would. No promises (a self promise) if this might make it to my to-do list every week, or even every month but I’d try.

Notes to whoever you are reading this:

  • Please pardon if my English turns out shitty, due to whatever reasons
    (either being ignorant, stupid or being too drowned in my emotions to post sanely).
  • Please do not assume posts to any person in my life. Persons and characters spoke or written about can be completely fictitious.
  • I would rather not know who reads my blog. 
  • And yes,  I’m aware that I sometimes over-think and my mind works faster than my lips. That could be why I either speak too much or not at all. 

So Konichiwa! This is my virgin wordpress post. Kbye, have a nice day.

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