Day 14

I thought I would’ve blogged much earlier. In fact I almost did. Had the page open on 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th day, but didn’t get down to doing it. And then time started to pass more quickly. Met fellow old friends, and some even for drinks but managed to stay focused. I’m really happy this way, and if you love me, support my little lifelong project.

On hindsight, I should’ve done more research. 2 weeks and I feel so much better, thought things should be looking better now too. Dammit, quitzits and insomnia are freaking real. Oh well, let’s see in 3-4 more weeks!

Thank goodness I picked up reading again. On empty moments, Dazai-San and Murakami-San would keep me company. Potato chips and seaweed to help with the munching. Always have my drinks with straws. Focus on texting better to occupy the mind. Exercising more to help with potential weight gain. Best time to cultivate awesome habits.

Once I’m ready, I can quit my over-indulgence chips again. Maybe… I should start replacing my chips with wasabi nuts. Pretty motivating. I’m definitely getting hungry more often and also better appetite. I’ve been craving breakfast too.

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