Day 28

It’s been 28 days or a month mofos! And feeling goddamn awesome about it. The 4th week coincided with my female cycle, so the moment the week ended, my skin cleared from both the quitzits and hormonal zits. I feel so relieved looking at the mirror, I finally saw progress, still left with some nasty scars post crazy zits.

Random food craving completely gone, chest tightness gone too. I sleep better than 1-2weeks ago. There were also barely female cramps. Put myself out there to meet all my fellow friends who smoke for drinks and survived again. Realised though that I do weirder stuff after drinking as compared to 5 years ago.  I also gotten mozzie bites more frequently and it’s pretty crazy. I’ve like 10 on my body now. Not sure if these are due to cutting smokes?

Anddddd after the week, my reward to myself is to visit the salon to get my hair washed. 😂

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