Any form of writing is an expression.

Just like how painting,




Are also forms of expression.

Each form of expressions requires the performer to be put into the mind or emotion in order to ideally showcase it.

And that meant the performer itself will try their best to show an emotion as real as possible, as its intention is to be relatable. And in most times that doesn’t mean it’s actually true to what’s happening to their real life. Some of them spend time to ‘learn’ what it actually feels like. Honestly, even if someone do experience a degree of that thought or emotion, I don’t think it’s fair to take something out of intended context.

Would you go to Leonardo DiCaprio and ask how was his affair with Daisy? 

Can Oasis tell who Sally is and why she can wait? 

And some of these can be valuable memories or a hidden emotion of the composer. So even if there’s a Sally, I don’t think he wants to tell you. Maybe we should just appreciate that these artists/artistes are sharing a part of them or their minds with us. Not be making irrelevant personal assumptions to it, when you do not even know that person well. 

It’s ridiculous sometimes, the things art creators have to go through.

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