Day 60

Can’t believe It’s been two months since I stopped smoking completely. A little longer than how long I’ve learnt Korean for. 깜사함니다 to all my loved ones who supported me (especially smoker friends who try not to smoke around me) I’m always determined to achieve objectives that I set, but I never thought I would have done so with so little consciousness. It’s like somehow something just clicked at the back of my head and made it happen even though it was a painful initial phase.

I feel a lot better.

No more nonsense quit zits. My vocals became less stiff and I don’t feel out of breath as quickly when I sing and run now, which makes me feel so much fitter and happier. My diets are regular now, hardly have any snacks and pretty sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke.

Sometimes certain words that people say and circumstances combined together can create tremendous impact in another persons life. Thank you for inspiring me and leaving me a lovely memory.

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