Casual Intensity.

I like you because 

You are actually really sweet

I love it

Your appeal is unique 

And it’s as if 

You’re customised for my eyes.

I’m so infatuated

It drives me crazy 

To not hear from you

It drives me crazy 

I’m playing up this beautiful you

For myself to see daily.

I miss you without actually spending time together frequently 

I miss you  

And your unwavering passions

Your rare but sincere bright smiles

Your slightly nervous energy

Whenever you’re around new people

New experiences

Positive but critical,

I can imagine you nagging away.

Casual yet deep,

It always makes me wanna hold your hand.

It scares me because you might slip away.

I’m patient but I’m afraid I’ll never have the chance to know us better.

I’m worried you’ll never have the time to know me.

Because I’m falling harder just by thinking of you each day.

There’s no other cure except you.

I miss my idea of the perfect you.

Is that really you?

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