No matter night or day.

I’ve been sleeping with closed blinds,

Haven’t been working.

I survived on delivery,

Neighbours’ delivery.

I survived on takeouts,

Leftover takeouts.

I ain’t got any more money.


And one day

There were usual knocks on the door.

You arrived

With a piece of cake, you said,

“I heard it’s your birthday!”

A piece of cake indeed.

You won over my guarded heart.


Your energy,

Your face,

Your cake,

So perfect.

A bolt from the blue,

Except you weren’t blue.

You can’t be blue like me,

You were yellow.

And together we would be green.


A fresh new face,

A change so clean,

I’ve never ever been.

My face gleamed.

Bright eyes like yours I’ve never seen since,

I last saw you when I just turned nineteen.

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