Sometimes you just gotta believe,
That very soon you’ll get relief.

Writing Rhymes

I realize, the hidden sadness in your eyes
I hear, your soul’s lament, as it cries.
Alone at night, under the scattered stars
I see, you trying to hide your scars.

Your scars, remind of your past
You fear that, they’ll forever last.
Tears, stream down from your face
You cry bitterly, thinking you’re a disgrace.

The blood  in your veins, becomes cold
Your helpless heart, changes into a stone.
You fight your depression, on your own
I know, what’s it like to cry alone.

I empathize, with your immeasurable pain
But don’t give up, things will change.
From the core of my soul, to you I say
Even with scars, you’re beautiful in your own way.

Your existence, is bigger than your scars
In dark, you too, shall shine like the stars.
Your scars, can’t corrupt your inner grace
So replace your tears, with a smile, on your face.

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