You used to bring me to places,

Places I’ve never been.

You brought me to meet people,

New people in the scene.

Now you lie about these places,

Places I’ve never seen.

And you lie about these people,

The people they’ve never been.


They say,

The moon is sentimental

The sun is passionate

And the stars, 

They are remarkably special.

They shine through the darkest places.

Not one,

But all of them do.

And you are,

The sun, the moon and the stars.

It isn’t just a part of you that sparkles,

Every part of you do.


Those eyes that twinkle,

The touch of his fingers.

On the skin it tingles,

A feeling that lingers.

I hear a jingle,

I silent my ringer.

Just munching on my zinger,

Almost forgot that I’m single.


And when she sees him,

She’d flash a smile of a hundred suns –

That’s the warmth he brought to her heart.


Patience lives

Where seeds are sowed;

Kindness diffuses

Where water flows;

Love blossoms

Where flowers grow.



Put her heart on a leash.

It’s running away too quickly,

Before her mind states her wish.

And there’s a name we call this leash – 



Why do we feel everything,

Even though we’re not a certain something?

Will we be anything,

Or will we be nothing?

Will we one day become a certain something,

Or will we end up feeling nothing?


Life is running into a whole bunch of uncertainties, one after another, and forcing ourselves to decide what we’re going to do about each of them. We stop growing once we decide not to face that uncertainty – or not deciding – ever again.

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