Snapshot Of You.

I heard about you,

In my dream.

I’m sure it was you,

I had that gut feeling.

There was a quake in my heart,

When I realise you came.

18 times in 3 seconds I felt my eyes dart,

Frustrated at her for not saying your name.


You left me a photo – it says October 2013,

Imprinted in silver, color print.

Taken in a broadcast set,

Was that where you guys met?

I smiled like a forlorn fan,

‘Cause I guessed that was when your last relationship began.


There was a lunchbox,

On the dressing table in my room.

It tasted like paradox,

Spectacular with a hint of gloom.

“Try what he made,”

Didn’t answer that I already ate.


When, why and how?

I needed conclusions.

Unloaded my curious bullets,

Like how a gunner would question.

But her eyes hinted,

That some things she wouldn’t say.

I felt my hope departed,

All I wished was for you to stay.


Now I lie wide awake penning this poem.

Reminiscing the depth of the emotion.

The tones of the dream were raw, grey and solemn,

I wonder if this could be an act of the 5th dimension.

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