Coffee and Bread.

Silently side by side,

We laid.

It was unspoken chemistry

In bed.

I wanted hugs,

You stayed.

Just long enough to get to

My head.

You drove to get us coffee

And bread.

It was me

You played.

You have nothing,

You said.

All that I wanted was you


Your smile and kisses on my


You left then — your eyes

Were dead.

Each night I prayed, I plead and

I wept.

I wished we had been normal and went on

A date.

You never came back and I call that

Heart break.

Now all I remember is your charm that

I hate.



A hidden love;

A silent word.

Emotional glances;

Swift advances.

You ignited this fervour,

Now I’d take all the chances.


Love is,

Being with a simple person

With an extraordinary soul,

Who makes simple things

Feel like extraordinary experiences.


Color me yellow,

If you see the bellows turn mellow.

Color me red,

If you see anger and is not afraid.

Color me blue,

If you see a solemn soul that is true.

Color me beautiful,

If you can take all yellow, red and blue.


A spell you threw my way,

Oh, I remembered that day.

Triggered my mental disarray,

Oh, now you gotta pay.

It was the first week of May,

Back when I was still gay.

It was crazy in a way,

That was before you got away.


How are you?

Like a fish without water in its gills.

I miss you.

You’re my heart’s Achilles heel.

Cheap Thrill.

Nervous and sensitive, 

You were short-fused.

Naive and innocent,

I was easily amused.

Me and you,

We had overnight deals.

Deliberately obtuse,

That I felt for you.

The layers you peeled,

They’ve yet to fully heal.

You were my muse,

But I was a mere cheap thrill.


In the face of turbulence,
Went forth anyway.

With that smile of yours,
Took my breath away.

Can’t be torn apart,
Every night and day.

We should be in love,
Every right and way.

We ain’t gonna be nothin’,
Even if we tried to stay.

For 3 years you had a lover,
Kept each other at bay.

I see you back,
Now what do you say?

We could grab dinner,
And you might offer to pay.

Just like old times,
I’ll clear the trays.

Let’s head to the beach,
It’s a clear Sunday.

Have a picnic,
We both enjoy sun rays.

Won’t be torn apart,
Every night and day.

We should be in love,
Every right and way.

Now that you’re here,
Would you choose to stay?


I wish I had enough to say it out loud,

“I’d want to know if you’d ever like me.”

I refused to be a face in the crowd,

But that’s what I ended up exactly to be.

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