Don’t feel pressured,

Take your time.

For no one should dictate,

The pace of your life.



Do we know the existence of fear because of the existence of love?

Or do we know the existence of love because of the existence of fear?

How do we know the answer,

When we don’t know the definition of either?


I gave my heart too much,

Too much leeway,

To miss you too much.

I gave myself too little,

Too little courage,

To share my feelings a little.


I wish I had enough to say it out loud,

“I’d want to know if you’d ever like me.”

I refused to be a face in the crowd,

But that’s what I ended up exactly to be.


Things I wanted to say,

Seems like a real taboo.

Before you walk away,

Let me get a taste of you.

Like my tea cold but my coffee hot,

I guess not many got that.

I’m afraid this remains a thought,

But, you were the courage I wish I had.


Numbness is what I’m feeling.

Blandness is what I’m tasting.

Staleness is what I’m smelling.

Darkness is what I’m seeing.

Silence is what I’m hearing.

I no longer live,

For there’s nothing I’m seeking.

How is it I’m not dying,

When the heart is not beating?

Experiencing death,

How am I still living?

Kept mum about you,

For there is no longer meaning.

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