A touch of poison;

A kiss of death.

Your hugs were wreaths

Enclosed with regrets. 


Everyone’s got their vice.

A gentlemanly swindler.

A high-rolling miser.

A family-driven chauvinist.

A romantic cheater.

A glamorous gold digger.

A kind sex addict.

A life-loving drug abuser.

A religious cultee.

What you would see;

Always half of what it is.

They ask to fight or to flee;

Perhaps just let it be.

The Other Side.


Another one of those hearts got broken.

Aching through the flanks,

Alone and solemn.

Me and you against the world,

Seems like it was just an old folk tale,

When there are ones against your fleur,

Hands in the pocket no matter bail or jail.


Worn down facade,

Wall paint like feelings — they fade.

Her happiness,

He thwarted.

Her birthday,

He disregarded.

He wrote her a card,

But there was no cake.

He thought long and hard,

And said,

“It’s time to part —

A decision I’ve made.”

She’s scarred,

For 4 years less than a decade.

So dead in her heart,

But alive in her head.


He said I’m cold,

But he made a mistake.

It’s a blow,

The things said were fake.

It has taken a toll,

The past has been raked.

I don’t know,

How long it’s going to take.

But don’t let that doubt grow,

For goodness sake.

I’m not cold,

And I’ve no hate.

Please let him know,

Before decisions are made.

‘Cause when I go

Through the exit gate,

It’ll be three hours or so,

To the relationship’s wake.


You used to bring me to places,

Places I’ve never been.

You brought me to meet people,

New people in the scene.

Now you lie about these places,

Places I’ve never seen.

And you lie about these people,

The people they’ve never been.


I needed to ignore my gut,

And perfect synergy of our natal charts.

You took fondness of my heart,

But your lies kept drawing us apart.


I guess I see it more clearly,

The kind of life you wanna lead.

You say it’s not time yet,

But honestly,

You could just say it’s no longer me.


A liar you are,

I am curious how you live.

Your conscience infested by filthy fleas,

Parasites on your heart – they leech.

You told me you’re coming back,

But you never did.

A fact, with me it doesn’t sit,

You may never realise what you miss.

It’s okay if you don’t like me,

But for Pete’s sake please don’t lie to me.

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