Epic fight,

But he tries to make things right.

Tragic plight,

He aims to never lose sight.

Side by side,

We will travel to where there’s light.

Hold tight,

It’s going to be hell of a ride.


And when she sees him,

She’d flash a smile of a hundred suns –

That’s the warmth he brought to her heart.


Why do we feel everything,

Even though we’re not a certain something?

Will we be anything,

Or will we be nothing?

Will we one day become a certain something,

Or will we end up feeling nothing?


Sweet nothings you say,

They taste like flora candy floss.

Nothing sweet they say, 

Will ever come as close to yours.

Dead Town.

Grounded by a happiness unfound,

Communicated using words profound.

Sometimes the mentally unsound,

Are the sanest ones around town.


You live without empathy,

Your friends had no value.

You didn’t know filial piety,

Or the love mum gave you.

You took everyone for granted, 

And everyone chose to forgive.

Now that I’m gone,

I see you’ve changed.

I hope it’s for good,

Or it isn’t worth where it began.

Maybe my role is to give,

And that’s all I meant to be.

If one day we were to meet,

I wish awkward it wouldn’t be.


We’d walk a little slower,

We’d stop to smell the flowers.

Hand in hand we’d wander,

A better tomorrow we’d be after.


Don’t feel pressured,

Take your time.

For no one should dictate,

The pace of your life.

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