Hold me tight and don’t let go,

But they say, “Easy come and easy go.”

He may write a heartfelt card,

He may vow, “Till death do us part.”

But it’s not about who stays or who parts,

It’s about who stays till the last of my heart.


I love learning. I love to gain wisdom. I love to grow wiser. It’s not about book smarts or general intelligence. It’s the wisdom of attaining happiness. Happiness and success. I can’t stand being stagnant. I need to keep moving. Keep going. Rest and keep going. Life has so much to offer, and choosing to just feel contentment forever is a pity.

I can’t imagine settling for a partner that will never crave or seek improvement in life. No matter how slow I go, I never want to stop. I don’t want someone who stops midway and wants to sit down forever on the side of the path because he’s walked enough. I would love someone that’s able to walk on a similar pace, someone that takes care of himself well to walk the journey, someone that’s able to run together, slow down together, enjoy the flowers together and talk endlessly about the sun and the stars together. Someone that during the nights even when we don’t see where we’re going, or when the road is seemingly endless, he holds my hand and shares my optimism, and shows his courage to walk uncommon roads. Someone that seeks out new passions, attempts to understand the shades, highlights and colors of life. Someone that seeks depth in understanding me. 

And a partner that aboveall, chooses to love me every single day. That’s the one I wanna be with. Because marriage isn’t the end goal, marriage is a mere promise. Spending a lifetime together and experiencing all that life has to offer, that’s what I want. It’s not a goal. It’s a process, and I want to be able to choose this person everyday. That’s beauty, that’s happiness, and that’s the ultimate wisdom I seek.

P.S. Pardon typos and grammars. It has yet to be vetted.


I spent my day

Thinking about the arc.

Teeth that look like

Mini marshmallows

On a curved skewer —

Toasted warm and tasted sweet.

Or perhaps Russian chubby ladies

On a traditional sampan —

Coasting into the unknowns

Of your oral cave.


Was the name of your smile.


End of a 

        Night of wonder;

Left me a

        Day to ponder.

Should we stay —

        Just like the others?

Or should we stray —

        To live like no other?


Epic fight,

But he tries to make things right.

Tragic plight,

He aims to never lose sight.

Side by side,

We will travel to where there’s light.

Hold tight,

It’s going to be hell of a ride.


And when she sees him,

She’d flash a smile of a hundred suns –

That’s the warmth he brought to her heart.


Why do we feel everything,

Even though we’re not a certain something?

Will we be anything,

Or will we be nothing?

Will we one day become a certain something,

Or will we end up feeling nothing?


Sweet nothings you say,

They taste like flora candy floss.

Nothing sweet they say, 

Will ever come as close to yours.

Dead Town.

Grounded by a happiness unfound,

Communicated using words profound.

Sometimes the mentally unsound,

Are the sanest ones around town.

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