When there’s fire, there’s no mercy,

I’ll be burnin’ them down to your knees.

I’m a maze, you should be amazed,

It’s time you get lost in a daze.


A liar you are,

I am curious how you live.

Your conscience infested by filthy fleas,

Parasites on your heart – they leech.

You told me you’re coming back,

But you never did.

A fact, with me it doesn’t sit,

You may never realise what you miss.

It’s okay if you don’t like me,

But for Pete’s sake please don’t lie to me.


I guess you’re used to all these –

Unwanted emotions;

Momentous desires;

3am escapades

It’s good that we’re not talking.

Perhaps that way I can’t hate you further.

And, I can’t love you either.

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