They like what he’s capable of,

Because he helps them to where they want to be.

They’re jealous what he’s capable of,

They throw stones at his self esteem.

They feared what he’s capable of

And combined against him.

They pretended he’s unworthy,

In hopes he loses authority.

He no longer knows what he’s capable of

And eventually, with that, he lets them win.


Bugged teeth,

Cleft lips,

Uneven dimples,

Darkened lips.

Beautiful nonetheless,

The smiles of irregularity.

Revealed joy,

 That flourished from uncertainty.



Were the days frolicking,

At lush greens

We dined casually.


From calamity,

Away to calming seas

That’s where I’ll be.


Parents divorced,
When I was just four.

Lived in a home,
Childhood – a real bore.

They call me a bad girl,
Not far from a sin.

Just because I have colors,
Etched on my skin.

I am a lover,
Deep within me.

But through the layers,
They couldn’t see.

Finding a job was hard,
Staying in one – much harder.

In a world of abundant problems,
It’s easy to get dejected.

I’ve learnt not to get solemn,
Even when my works get rejected.

Hugs and kisses I would need,
They give me strength to face my defeats.

Though advices I wouldn’t blindly heed,
Our life together I’d like you to lead.


I wouldn’t say I know you,
But I would say the heart is true.

I would attempt to know you as you,
Words of others I will not deem true.


In a world where there is an over-emphasis of self, we sometimes find many givers in awkward situations in the society. 

Sometimes they end up having to choose between being themselves and continue giving until someone believes in them or join the majority in the quest for self fulfilment.

Personally I would feel it’s equivalent. We need to fulfill ourselves in order to give. Love ourselves in order to give wholly love (not broken love) in which to satisfy an aspect of insecurity. 

It’s becoming ever more important to learn to be giving. Give to those who love, give to those who believe, give to those who hunger.


Hustle and bustle,

Years gone by.

Found a partner,

He was adorably shy.

They were poor,

It was hard to go by.

It was 1945,

And there was only rye.

Rummage through chutes,

They gotta try.

Soldiers came by,

They had smiles so wry.

Her only safe house,

Was his open mind.

A Mind Like Mine.

I like your ambitions,

I like that you’re kind.

Don’t have to always hold yourself to standards

Epic sky high.

There are much more to appreciate,

Than just the climb.

At the end of the day,

I’m here to accept and hear you just as fine.

I wouldn’t leave,

Just because you don’t have time.

I wouldn’t leave,

When you ain’t got a dime.

I need a lot of honesty,

I hope you don’t mind.

I hope you like loyalty,

Because you’ll have mine.


Be a friend, not a foe.

Be sincere, never be cold.

Show them, without being told.

Time is gold,

It doesn’t matter young or old.

Keeps dream big, and actions bold.

Have faith and allow life to unfold.

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