It was unreal,

The way you made me feel. 

My soul you healed,

With your goddamn appeal.

When I woke up I didn’t see you.

Are you a dream or are you real?


Yawns happen when the mind doesn’t inhale enough,

Tears happen when the heart doesn’t exhale enough.

I thought I saw the door jolted and stirred,

I soothe my sudden spur as my eyes fluttered.

A moment to realize,

Chief’s favorite melody.

Not time to fantasize,

Danger’s making entry.

Shook me to bits, and now I can’t breathe.

As we had expected, it was no kin or kith.


Thought she knows who he is, but she never knew who he was,

She no longer has courage to live through his fears.

Skin deep passion and unknown insecurities,

It seems like an end, he doesn’t know forever.

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