Killed with that smile,

Please let it last.

Paintings of you,

Made with brushes of lust.

Play with this child,

All night till dusk.

Now close up that mile,

Come into me fast.

Snapshot Of You.

I heard about you,

In my dream.

I’m sure it was you,

I had that gut feeling.

There was a quake in my heart,

When I realise you came.

18 times in 3 seconds I felt my eyes dart,

Frustrated at her for not saying your name.


You left me a photo – it says October 2013,

Imprinted in silver, color print.

Taken in a broadcast set,

Was that where you guys met?

I smiled like a forlorn fan,

‘Cause I guessed that was when your last relationship began.


There was a lunchbox,

On the dressing table in my room.

It tasted like paradox,

Spectacular with a hint of gloom.

“Try what he made,”

Didn’t answer that I already ate.


When, why and how?

I needed conclusions.

Unloaded my curious bullets,

Like how a gunner would question.

But her eyes hinted,

That some things she wouldn’t say.

I felt my hope departed,

All I wished was for you to stay.


Now I lie wide awake penning this poem.

Reminiscing the depth of the emotion.

The tones of the dream were raw, grey and solemn,

I wonder if this could be an act of the 5th dimension.


Some people don’t speak to you,

Not that we know of consciously.

They speak directly to your heart.

That you you’ve been trying desperately to hide.

That unconscious you,

You didn’t even know existed

Until you hear their voice,

Your soul becomes all baring.


I had your number – saw you last summer.

I dreamt of you riding a bicycle.

You were Canada, chasing your dreams

12 hours apart or more so it seems.

Stayed up to catch the 9am dew,

So we could have conversations around your schedule.

We talked about sadness and psychology,

Knowing you felt like a real prodigy.

Through tiny screens I saw aplenty,

Tree, beaches and the vast sea.

I remember you made me a promise,

To sneak in where carousels are – in a theme park’s premise.

It’s been years now we’ve drifted afar,

But I’ve never forgotten what you said in the car.

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