They say,

Home is where the heart is

I never felt like I truly belong.

I’m looking for an eternal home.

Home that feels warm on Christmas

Hugs, kisses and gentle voices.

Cheesecakes and whipping cream,

Creme brûlée’s a great choice too

One that allows my own pace and life,

Loves me on the darkest night.

Loneliness is being around people

Yet feel you never truly belong.

I haven’t found where my home is

Is it a purpose?

Tell me?

Is it a state of mind?

I’ll find it!

Is it a person?

If it’s you, come get me.


Taboos of today we will fight,

The soul will live a life of light.

The only wish is to be found,

The mind will live a life of sound.

Blinded by fear of the character,

She was too young a teen.

Falling into a slumber of forever,

With roses brimming the bluish green.

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