Killed with that smile,

Please let it last.

Paintings of you,

Made with brushes of lust.

Play with this child,

All night till dusk.

Now close up that mile,

Come into me fast.


End of a 

        Night of wonder;

Left me a

        Day to ponder.

Should we stay —

        Just like the others?

Or should we stray —

        To live like no other?


Be a friend, not a foe.

Be sincere, never be cold.

Show them, without being told.

Time is gold,

It doesn’t matter young or old.

Keeps dream big, and actions bold.

Have faith and allow life to unfold.


I’m spellbound,

Can’t run away now.

Search for me at lost and found,

On the streets and all around town.

Keep finding me but don’t make a sound,

I need to be back on the prowl.


I gave my heart too much,

Too much leeway,

To miss you too much.

I gave myself too little,

Too little courage,

To share my feelings a little.


Sensitive to nuances,

He knows the real me.

Couldn’t put up with my performances.

Battle of the wits,

We agree to disagree,

Together we make two wholly misfits.

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