Coffee and Bread.

Silently side by side,

We laid.

It was unspoken chemistry

In bed.

I wanted hugs,

You stayed.

Just long enough to get to

My head.

You drove to get us coffee

And bread.

It was me

You played.

You have nothing,

You said.

All that I wanted was you


Your smile and kisses on my


You left then — your eyes

Were dead.

Each night I prayed, I plead and

I wept.

I wished we had been normal and went on

A date.

You never came back and I call that

Heart break.

Now all I remember is your charm that

I hate.



At how he made her feel.

Damp clothes,

Damn clothes.

She said, “It’s burning up —

Gotta take them off you.”

Baby it’s burning up —

Layers on him she started to peel.


In bed she was one of two,

Whom his vivid mind had imagined to do.

Clearly there was one he fancied,

He’d skilfully keep her wanting.

Attention he would deprive her,

He’d play on her jealousy and fears,

Back and forth and topsy turvy she went,

First on her this, and then on his that.

Armed with prudence,

He made sure that they break no rule.

Behind that facade of innocence,

The world really didn’t have a clue.

Pink Gin.

The sheets caught fire

The rays of light – like desire.

Subtly etching marks on the skin

Grazing her feet against his shin.

A scent that never seems close enough

Even when they’re intertwined and rough.

Bites on left and right shoulders;

Tracing outlines of each other;

Visions that quivered

Ended with looks that lingered.

It’s morning —

It’s a morning that tasted like burnt pink gin.


It’s with you I feel the heat,

Counted times I changed my sheets.

It’s for you I save my treat,

Ensure always you meet your needs.



Danced at the edge at the hostel roof.


Lit cigarettes for crows – I’m quite the goof.

How long will be enough to make us right?

To watch the flame dance with us till ardour meets first light.

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