Once in awhile, I get that one day which I feel so tired of not getting to where I wanna be, doing what I wanna do. 

I wanna find a huge rockable cradle that has an inbuilt heater function, put it in a large serene room with animated light art – like those at the galleries, play some twinkle tunes from the musical box and rock myself to the most peaceful sleep ever.

Or alternatively, perhaps a person that holds my hand, let’s me feel all of that safeness and warmth with his/her presence and hugs – assures that everything is gonna be okay. In which the architecture of this person is art, and the voice be a soothing sound to my heart. And that this person -though more human – will be unmovable like this amazing slumber room. Someone who will never ever leave, until I get the longest slumber of my life.


Yawns happen when the mind doesn’t inhale enough,

Tears happen when the heart doesn’t exhale enough.

I thought I saw the door jolted and stirred,

I soothe my sudden spur as my eyes fluttered.

A moment to realize,

Chief’s favorite melody.

Not time to fantasize,

Danger’s making entry.

Shook me to bits, and now I can’t breathe.

As we had expected, it was no kin or kith.


“… and in a real dark night of the soul it is always three o’clock in the morning, day after day.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald

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