I spent my day

Thinking about the arc.

Teeth that look like

Mini marshmallows

On a curved skewer —

Toasted warm and tasted sweet.

Or perhaps Russian chubby ladies

On a traditional sampan —

Coasting into the unknowns

Of your oral cave.


Was the name of your smile.

I Need Wine.

Every now and then,

Your smile makes its way to my mind.

I search for a pen,

And grab the nearest sketchbook I find.

Colors I try to blend,

And with precision I draw my lines,

Still wishing I can

Capture that in time.

Into the trash can many pieces went,

As I couldn’t illustrate the joy that binds.

Will you lend me a hand,

And pass me some of that wine?

As much as you can, 


Help me get you out of my mind.

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