200g of comfort;

3 tablespoons of coincidences;

500ml of laughter;

Whisk until smooth.

Line union tray with empathy,

Pour in happiness mixture.

Pre-heat oven with self awareness,

Bake at 190 degrees celcius.

Observe when sincerity rises,

And romance turns golden brown,

Remove with understanding mittens.

Leave to cool with personal space.

Add a dash of luck

And sprinkles of shimmery joy.

Slice for 2,

Serve warm.

Coffee and Bread.

Silently side by side,

We laid.

It was unspoken chemistry

In bed.

I wanted hugs,

You stayed.

Just long enough to get to

My head.

You drove to get us coffee

And bread.

It was me

You played.

You have nothing,

You said.

All that I wanted was you


Your smile and kisses on my


You left then — your eyes

Were dead.

Each night I prayed, I plead and

I wept.

I wished we had been normal and went on

A date.

You never came back and I call that

Heart break.

Now all I remember is your charm that

I hate.


Your scent,

The air I breathe.

My favorite temperature,

The heat you emit.


Missing you when we’re apart.

But — we’re always apart

Since close is never close enough.


It was pouring and the roads were filled,

I borrowed an umbrella to get to you.

In the middle of it all,

It’s just me and you.

You said this and nothing more,

“I borrowed an umbrella to get to you.”

It was pouring and our hearts were filled.


It feels like you’ve missed her

For your entire life.

But you’ve just met her

At half past five.


Some people don’t speak to you,

Not that we know of consciously.

They speak directly to your heart.

That you you’ve been trying desperately to hide.

That unconscious you,

You didn’t even know existed

Until you hear their voice,

Your soul becomes all baring.


If there was a 5th,

We would have met.

It’s where the souls live,

No matter placement or time.

It’s a world of its own,

With its own rules.

One that stores,

All our spiritual states.

If there was a 5th,

We would have met.

The realm where intense minds live,

I’m sure you know that.

When we dream,

No matter day or night,

We escape,

And that’s where you saw me.

Eyes met,

There’s likeness in us.

But something felt different,

And you were scared.

Unable to face your own mind,

You left.

Doubtful of the very next step,

I saw you leave.

If there was a 5th,

I could feel you.

There’s no lost though you’re gone now,

Because I’ll always be here.

It’s a world I need to fill,

It’s a world I need to feel.

If there was a 5th,

We’ll always meet again.


Sensitive to nuances,

He knows the real me.

Couldn’t put up with my performances.

Battle of the wits,

We agree to disagree,

Together we make two wholly misfits.


How can you determine a kindred soul?

When I see a familiar face of zest thriving in the vapid world of strangers.

And you, the congenial one, I need to speak to you.


So much to say, but we can’t stay.

Loved your flair, but it ain’t fair.

Know it was rare, but we didn’t care.

Wished you’d talk to me, but you couldn’t see.

A little offbeat, but it swept me off my feet.

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