Though seeing you infrequently,

You were the closest,

Through my life to understand my complexity.

You recognise and instinctively knew,

A multifaceted personality.

Ability to look into,

The souls of the misunderstood.

I wonder if you’re the same too,

Seeking for someone,

That looks beyond the appearance of you.


If there was a 5th,

We would have met.

It’s where the souls live,

No matter placement or time.

It’s a world of its own,

With its own rules.

One that stores,

All our spiritual states.

If there was a 5th,

We would have met.

The realm where intense minds live,

I’m sure you know that.

When we dream,

No matter day or night,

We escape,

And that’s where you saw me.

Eyes met,

There’s likeness in us.

But something felt different,

And you were scared.

Unable to face your own mind,

You left.

Doubtful of the very next step,

I saw you leave.

If there was a 5th,

I could feel you.

There’s no lost though you’re gone now,

Because I’ll always be here.

It’s a world I need to fill,

It’s a world I need to feel.

If there was a 5th,

We’ll always meet again.

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