As we touched down,

Securities were tight.

Children with fake guns,

Couldn’t alight.

Streets were shining,

With neon lightings.

As though hiding,

The shady mornings.

Enough time in 362 evenings,

To learn about the dangers lurkin’.

Sometimes there’re gunnings,

And people start runnin’.

Dubious but extravagant,

It’s a complicated city.

There’s no constant — I’m certain,

We’re in Las Vegas, baby.


3, 2, 1,

And oh the glamour begins.

Cut back to one,

And true ugliness sinks in.


She was a burst of color –

She had a smile of no other.

He was a hint of color –

He smiled for her like no other.

She was

A bundle of ignorance

Hidden in a soul of joyfulness.

He was

An abundance of sweetness

Trapped in a soul of solemness.

They met –

Like how light and darkness were fated to meet.

It’s tough – I bet,

Since light and darkness were never meant to exist simultaneously. 


We were friends for 16 years,

But I never knew you.

You were never religious, 

But I heard you –

Praying for faith and forgiveness,

Of a guilt you never knew.

I lay on the grass beds,

There was a drop of morning dew.

What was that?

I thought I knew.

Was that from the sadness of yesterday;

Or from the joy of starting anew?


Time check.

I see your reluctance,

To leave my side.


People watch.

I see your charm,

In front of my eyes.


Clock ticking.

I hear your lines,

Ringing at the back of my mind.


Someone’s speaking.

I hear your laughter,

Drilling down the walls of my heart.


You’re walking to me.

I feel my feet lifted,

And my body falling into your arms.

A Little Something.

I’m sorry,

I knew how you feel about me.

But I can’t do nothing, 

‘Cause it was not befitting.

Basis of friendship,

We did not have.

To say a little more;

To try a little more.

To do a little more thinking;

To fight for a little something.

Perhaps if I liked you a little more,

I’ll be convinced a little more.

Perhaps then I’ll be hinting,

We could’ve been a little more of something.


She writes all these lovely things,

She attempts to understand feelings.

She wants to feel something – 


But who is she kidding?

Inside her, she’s a little dead, lost and wandering.


Do we know the existence of fear because of the existence of love?

Or do we know the existence of love because of the existence of fear?

How do we know the answer,

When we don’t know the definition of either?


“I’ve never fooled anyone. I’ve let people fool themselves. They didn’t bother to find out who and what I was. Instead they would invent a character for me. I wouldn’t argue with them. They were obviously loving somebody I wasn’t.”

– Marilyn Monroe

It was a real problem. But instead of sitting back and not do anything, instead of being comfortable with this faux attention, I choose to communicate. I choose to put the truth out there, for the likeminded to come forth. I might lose more than I actually gain, but that’s okay. I wanna be known for me, the one who’s truly in there that wants to connect deeply. And if I were to leave the world, I leave knowing I’ve received encouragement and attained courage from people in all different walks of life.
Because I was not afraid, because I tried.

I lived.

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