Take Me Back.

A smile that blazes,

Sweet like sugar glaces.

It was not when I see you dressed,

That I realised your nakedness.

Your prolong gazes,

Like bolts from tasers.

They send me to places,

Like those with ming vases.


I love learning. I love to gain wisdom. I love to grow wiser. It’s not about book smarts or general intelligence. It’s the wisdom of attaining happiness. Happiness and success. I can’t stand being stagnant. I need to keep moving. Keep going. Rest and keep going. Life has so much to offer, and choosing to just feel contentment forever is a pity.

I can’t imagine settling for a partner that will never crave or seek improvement in life. No matter how slow I go, I never want to stop. I don’t want someone who stops midway and wants to sit down forever on the side of the path because he’s walked enough. I would love someone that’s able to walk on a similar pace, someone that takes care of himself well to walk the journey, someone that’s able to run together, slow down together, enjoy the flowers together and talk endlessly about the sun and the stars together. Someone that during the nights even when we don’t see where we’re going, or when the road is seemingly endless, he holds my hand and shares my optimism, and shows his courage to walk uncommon roads. Someone that seeks out new passions, attempts to understand the shades, highlights and colors of life. Someone that seeks depth in understanding me. 

And a partner that aboveall, chooses to love me every single day. That’s the one I wanna be with. Because marriage isn’t the end goal, marriage is a mere promise. Spending a lifetime together and experiencing all that life has to offer, that’s what I want. It’s not a goal. It’s a process, and I want to be able to choose this person everyday. That’s beauty, that’s happiness, and that’s the ultimate wisdom I seek.

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As we touched down,

Securities were tight.

Children with fake guns,

Couldn’t alight.

Streets were shining,

With neon lightings.

As though hiding,

The shady mornings.

Enough time in 362 evenings,

To learn about the dangers lurkin’.

Sometimes there’re gunnings,

And people start runnin’.

Dubious but extravagant,

It’s a complicated city.

There’s no constant — I’m certain,

We’re in Las Vegas, baby.


3, 2, 1,

And oh the glamour begins.

Cut back to one,

And true ugliness sinks in.


She was a burst of color –

She had a smile of no other.

He was a hint of color –

He smiled for her like no other.

She was

A bundle of ignorance

Hidden in a soul of joyfulness.

He was

An abundance of sweetness

Trapped in a soul of solemness.

They met –

Like how light and darkness were fated to meet.

It’s tough – I bet,

Since light and darkness were never meant to exist simultaneously. 


We were friends for 16 years,

But I never knew you.

You were never religious, 

But I heard you –

Praying for faith and forgiveness,

Of a guilt you never knew.

I lay on the grass beds,

There was a drop of morning dew.

What was that?

I thought I knew.

Was that from the sadness of yesterday;

Or from the joy of starting anew?


Time check.

I see your reluctance,

To leave my side.


People watch.

I see your charm,

In front of my eyes.


Clock ticking.

I hear your lines,

Ringing at the back of my mind.


Someone’s speaking.

I hear your laughter,

Drilling down the walls of my heart.


You’re walking to me.

I feel my feet lifted,

And my body falling into your arms.

A Little Something.

I’m sorry,

I knew how you feel about me.

But I can’t do nothing, 

‘Cause it was not befitting.

Basis of friendship,

We did not have.

To say a little more;

To try a little more.

To do a little more thinking;

To fight for a little something.

Perhaps if I liked you a little more,

I’ll be convinced a little more.

Perhaps then I’ll be hinting,

We could’ve been a little more of something.


She writes all these lovely things,

She attempts to understand feelings.

She wants to feel something – 


But who is she kidding?

Inside her, she’s a little dead, lost and wandering.

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