Killed with that smile,

Please let it last.

Paintings of you,

Made with brushes of lust.

Play with this child,

All night till dusk.

Now close up that mile,

Come into me fast.


All you wanted was never ever;

I could be that never never ever.

She wanted that happily ever;

But I could be the one that wavers never.

We thought of forever never,

Damn we knew it wasn’t forever ever.

Come and be my ever lover,

I promise I’ll never ever.

Coffee and Bread.

Silently side by side,

We laid.

It was unspoken chemistry

In bed.

I wanted hugs,

You stayed.

Just long enough to get to

My head.

You drove to get us coffee

And bread.

It was me

You played.

You have nothing,

You said.

All that I wanted was you


Your smile and kisses on my


You left then — your eyes

Were dead.

Each night I prayed, I plead and

I wept.

I wished we had been normal and went on

A date.

You never came back and I call that

Heart break.

Now all I remember is your charm that

I hate.



She was trying to hide.

Been a year,

Waiting to subside.


Desperate for a guide.

Perhaps a man like him,

To bring her light.


A spell you threw my way,

Oh, I remembered that day.

Triggered my mental disarray,

Oh, now you gotta pay.

It was the first week of May,

Back when I was still gay.

It was crazy in a way,

That was before you got away.


How are you?

Like a fish without water in its gills.

I miss you.

You’re my heart’s Achilles heel.


Seeing you makes me stronger.

I’ve been really weak.

Am I drunk or am I sober?

I reckon, just lovesick.

A Musing.

Great difference it is,

To love and to be in love.

Love is all giving,

Regardless of receiving.

Sometimes all I want is to give,

And together I’ve never thought we must be.

Perhaps they’re exaggerated writings,

Perhaps they’re emotional misunderstandings.

There’s something about you,

But I don’t understand what I feel.


I don’t want to be misused,

Or maybe

I’d just like you to remain my muse.


I can’t say I’m just feeling a tad sad,

Never thought it would hurt this bad.

A friend I’d love to be,

But a friend I wouldn’t dare be.

I guess we need to stop at fifth,

Because it’s you – I can’t fall in love with.

A bond like that I would try to break,

An ache beyond this I shouldn’t take.


You make me complete
With one text,

You make me anxious
With one lapse.

The least I want,
Is to be pest.

I dare not ask,
To be on your chest.

I really really need,
To get some rest.

But this note,
To you I wish to address.

Distance alone,
Will not make me feel much less.

Because in my world,
You’re already the best.

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