Epic fight,

But he tries to make things right.

Tragic plight,

He aims to never lose sight.

Side by side,

We will travel to where there’s light.

Hold tight,

It’s going to be hell of a ride.


She was a burst of color –

She had a smile of no other.

He was a hint of color –

He smiled for her like no other.

She was

A bundle of ignorance

Hidden in a soul of joyfulness.

He was

An abundance of sweetness
Trapped in a soul of solemness.

They met –

Like how light and darkness were fated to meet.

It’s tough – I bet,

Since light and darkness were never meant to exist simultaneously.


Kisses that

Pulses the heart

Happiness that 

Can’t keep us apart.

Unspoken words that

On our skin it cuts.


And I sit here,

Amazed by the beauty of your words –

Sweet and fresh,

Like fruits of the garden of Eden.

And the future,

We won’t know if it’s forbidden or poison.

Perhaps when we get there,

It’ll be nothing short of our imagined heaven.


They like what he’s capable of,

Because he helps them to where they want to be.

They’re jealous what he’s capable of,

They throw stones at his self esteem.

They feared what he’s capable of

And combined against him.

They pretended he’s unworthy,

In hopes he loses authority.

He no longer knows what he’s capable of

And eventually, with that, he lets them win.


We were friends for 16 years,

But I never knew you.

You were never religious, 

But I heard you –

Praying for faith and forgiveness,

Of a guilt you never knew.

I lay on the grass beds,

There was a drop of morning dew.

What was that?

I thought I knew.

Was that from the sadness of yesterday;

Or from the joy of starting anew?


It’s no wonder you love that dude,

Because you’re just like him in the book.

Nonchalant was your attitude,

Wipe it off – I can’t stand that look.

The book was good,

Like you – it was a little rude.

Don’t think you give a hoot,

If I’d completed or how long I took.

I wish I’d understood

Your desperate need to get girls hooked.

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