Define KillGwen.

Qn: Why “KillGwen” and what is “KillGwen”? Why are you so morbid?

Ans: What better way to understand and appreciate living, than to first embrace the reality that death eventually comes?

My real name is Lim Zhen Wen. Others call me by the name of Gwen. KillGwen started as a gaming nickname, I go by 3 gaming names, Gwen, Geniale and KillGwen. I created a character on a FPS game in 2007 called ‘Gwen’, but my stats sucked real bad. I needed a new nick that taunts – “KillGwen”.

Meanwhile I was studying to be a designer and was branding and also ‘concepts that are 360’. ‘Concepts that are 360’ means you could apply an over-arching marketing message to communicate about yourself or a brand. Thereafter, social media was uprising. I was one who was non-conforming yet liberal. I loved social media. I conceptualized my social media accounts on this theme – “Before Gwen was Killed”.

Though morbid as it sounds, it wasn’t intended to be that way. And no, I’m not suicidal. Let me explain. “KillGwen” actually means I will NEVER commit suicide, and if one day I were to die, someone actually killed me. When that day comes, what will be left behind will be my social media accounts – my memories translated to writings and images, of things that I thought were beautiful at right there and then.

I keep my social network profiles mostly public, I live to hope to have little to hide when I die. I appreciate little gestures and beauty of nature. I find many things inspiring and intriguing, so I share a lot, think a lot and feel a lot.

KillGwen is now also used for my WordPress, and I got the domain to mask over the WordPress URL.

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